Tall aquariums (horses)

These aquariums are taller than long, so they are ideal for keeping and reproducing horses, although they can have many more uses, especially decorative ones.

Cubic aquariums

These aquariums seen from above are perfect squares, very ideal to take advantage of spaces in holes and for decoration.

Corner aquariums (triangular, rear angle at 90º)

These aquariums are to be placed in a corner, ideal for decoration, and cover fewer liters than a normal aquarium but have a front higher than normal.

Standard aquariums

We have a wide range of standardized aquariums in the measures indicated below, if they do not fit the measures you need do not hesitate to contact us, and we can make your aquarium with the measures you request.

Extra Large Aquariums+

Aquariums of special lengths, all of the above 950 liters of water, suitable for fresh water and salt.

Aquariums for cuttings

Long and low altitude aquariums, ideal for exposing cuttings, manufactured without reinforcements leaving a wide margin to work.

Reef Aquariums

Special marine aquariums are manufactured with thicknesses higher than conventional, in some of them the reinforcements are suppressed to facilitate the maintenance of the aquarium.

Marine Nanos

These aquariums have a double bottom in the back where the filtration is made, the water overflows through the overflow comb and then is returned to the aquarium with a return pump (not included) by a 20 mm tube, the double bottom is made of deco blue glass and the outer part of the filtration is lined with high-quality black vinyl so that the cables are not seen, pumps and filter materials, comb and return tube is included.

Plantaries and waterfalls for plants

Cascade-shaped urns, ideal for plants, include the overflow tube, inner return, drainage, and return hoses, and the possibility of making double waterfalls, from left to right.