We have a wide range of standard aquariums in the measures indicated below, if they do not fit the measures you need do not hesitate to contact us, we can make your aquarium with the measures you request.

standard aquarium

Standard Aquarium; Overflows

Overflows are a very important part of the operation of standard aquariums, so it is essential that their operation is perfect, in this way you will save many problems, such as leaks, noise, etc., and all our overflows are watertight with respect to the urn, this is very important when making a change of joints for example.

All our overflows include passes, gaskets, tubes, dursos, and hoses both drainage and return so you can put it immediately into operation, so you will avoid nitrate problems, leaks, etc.

All overflows consist of lowering and returning inside the overflow.

The prices colored in Green correspond to the overflows made of normal transparent glass.

The prices colored in Blue correspond to the overflows made of colored glass, for example blue, black or white glass.

The integral overflow has two descents, 32 or 40 mm according to needs.

At Ornamental Fish Aquarium, we have everything you need for the assembly of your aquarium, parts, and accessories so that you can start your aquarium without major problems, forget about leaks, leaks, saltpeter … With us you will not have those problems, we have everything you need.

Although we have all kinds of parts, if you need any other piece we will do our best to locate it.


Measures marked with *do not carry reinforcements.


  • Ref; Product reference.
  • Measurement; External measurements of the urn, corresponding to length x width x height.
  • Mm; Thickness of the crystals in millimeters, when there are two thicknesses the first corresponds to the sides and the second to the base.
  • Liters; Liters of the urn, product of the multiplication of the measures.
  • Price; Price in € of the urn.
  • An optical glass; Optional optical glass.
  • each front; Increase by using optical glass on a front, for the two fronts multiply by two.
  • For each side; Increase by using optical glass on one side, for the two sides multiply by two.
  • Lid runs; Price of the lid of the corresponding aquarium, made with aluminum and PVC rails to place two glass lids, are sliding and are glued on the inside of the aquarium without altering the measures of the urn, removable for cleaning.
  • Frameworks; Price of the set of frames, lower and upper, has a height of 3 cm, a width of 2 cm at its base, and an angle of anchorage, are siliconized to the bottom and top of the urn and do not fulfill any structural function in the aquarium, are available in black and white.
  • Shipment; Shipping price in mainland Spain (for shipping to the islands, Ceuta, Melilla consult).