Ornamental Fish Aquarium offers the most complete range of freshwater batteries, compartmentalized à la carte.

freshwater batteries

All our freshwater batteries are manufactured with top-quality raw materials, aluminum, float glass, and PVC pressure for all necessary connections, we have several standard models, although we can customize them to suit our customers.

All our batteries have our new Ecoled T5 lighting system, thus achieving significant energy savings in the short/medium term.

The filtration system is completely independent in each compartment, in order to have total control over each of them. In this way, the dreaded contamination of diseases between each compartment and the different species is avoided very efficiently.

The basic heating kit + pumps consist of all the heaters and pumps necessary to start the battery optimally, always with accessories from leading brands.

All these elements are hidden in the back of the urns, which does not make them visible to the user, this double bottom is made of blue crystal, totally watertight with respect to the front.

Our exclusive system of sliding visitor doors allows you to place locks (not included) to prevent outsiders from accessing the aquariums through the visiting doors, contrary to what happens with most batteries on the market.