Our range of standard sumps has 6 models, configurable à la carte, and can be used in both salt and fresh water, the possibility of choosing between the different standard configurations, among the options, we have the option of algae shelter or filling the tank for osmosis water, we can also manufacture it with the measures and specifications you request (your price will be for the size of the urn, but configuring it to measure).


The measurements and specifications are just a few references, check your accessories to make the most appropriate custom compartments, you just have to tell us what you need and we will configure it according to your needs.

Sumps Accessories

These accessories are aimed at making it easier to maintain your aquarium, automating your equipment with the most modern level control accessories, filtration, etc.

Using these systems will save time in the maintenance of your aquarium and avoid overflows and lack of water due to evaporation.

This is only a small part of what we can offer, they are only the most common accessories used by amateurs, but we have many more to automate your aquarium, making it more autonomous and leaving you more free time, these teams will do the work for you.


The measurements of the compartments are not exact (they are references) for all the sinks, in some of them the measurements are not possible by space, the measurements of the skimmer compartment, pump, filtration, shelter, and deposit will be respected, in that order.


  • Ref; Product reference.
  • Measurement; External measurements of the urn, corresponding to length x width x height.
  • Mm; Thickness of the crystals in millimeters, when there are two thicknesses the first corresponds to the sides and the second to the base.
  • Skimmer Space; Space to accommodate the skimmer.
  • Filtration Space; Space for filter masses.
  • Return Pump Space; Space to house the return pumps to the aquarium.
  • Refuge; Space for algae shelter or filling tank, in case of using it as an algae refuge the sump includes a grid.
  • Price; Price in € of the sump.
  • Shipment; Shipping price in mainland Spain (for shipping to the islands consults).