The assembly process we use for the assembly of the crystals is the Minor Foot system, this being the most endorsed by most manufacturers.

The Minor Foot System consists of fixing the sides of the aquarium to the sides of the base using acetic silicone, in our case Dow Corning of first quality.

Forget about assembly lines that leave aside quality in exchange for a large production, silicone is always done by hand, as well as gluing and assembly of the aquarium, to ensure maximum quality, we glue the aquariums in one piece, that is, there is not a single silicone joint.

All in one piece in totally handmade work, the silicone is overflowing with all the glues of the urn, using a masking system inside so that the finish of the silicone is straight as if it were a stroke with a ruler, this system results in the total absence of leaks in our aquariums.

The drying is done at room temperature for a minimum of 72 hours, and each of our aquariums, whether standard or customized, is treated with the utmost care until the time of shipment.