Ornamental Fish Aquarium offers the most complete range of saltwater batteries, compartmentalized à la carte.

saltwater batteries

Today completing your establishment with the sale of fish and saltwater corals is more than an option, an interesting and very attractive reality that is available to any professional or amateur.

A few years ago maintaining an aquarium or saltwater battery facility in a store was quite complex and economically unaffordable for some professionals or amateurs.

Today this has changed significantly thanks to technological advances and the reduction of the cost of components and accessories is very important, which means that maintaining a battery of these characteristics is not an exclusive task of a professional, but that anyone can get to maintain with basic knowledge.

Let us take care of the installation, you will not regret choosing us.

All our saltwater batteries are manufactured with top-quality raw materials, aluminum, float glass, and PVC pressure for all necessary connections, we have several standard models, although we can customize them to suit our customers.

All our batteries have our new Ecoled T5 lighting system, thus achieving significant energy savings in the short/medium term.

The batteries are delivered with all PVC pressure connections for proper operation.

Our exclusive system of sliding visitor doors allows you to place locks (not included) to prevent outsiders from accessing the aquariums through the visiting doors, contrary to what happens with most batteries on the market.