We are Ornamental Fish Aquarium, a specialized aquarium store that offers everything for your aquarium, as well as other more specific products for exotic animals. Everything you need to feed and care for your fish, you will find here. Stop by our Monachil store to check what we can offer you or call us and we will inform you without obligation.


If you are trying to find a fish store where you can buy all the accessories, and decorations you need for your aquarium, in Kaminature you have everything and more.

If you are already a crack aquarium, you will know that there are many things you have to take into account so that your fish are healthy and happy in your fish tank. For example, the correct fish food for each class, and clean water with optimal values to ensure the safety and comfort of the animal. It is also required to maintain the temperature at 26º with remarkable water heaters that maintain permanent graduation. I do not think we lack absolutely anything in our fish tank shop in Seville.

At Ornamental Fish Aquarium, you can find all kinds of aquariums online without leaving home. From small and mini aquariums to the most important and expert, as well as children’s aquariums start the little ones in a much more entertaining way. The immensity of shapes, colors, and models suggests the correct environment for your fish and decorates your home with a beautiful designer fish tank.