Marine Nanos are aquariums that have a double bottom in the back where the filtration is made, the water overflows through the overflow comb and then is returned to the aquarium with a return pump (not included) by a 20 mm tube, the double bottom is made of deco blue glass and the outer part of the filtration is lined with high-quality black vinyl so that the cables are not seen, pumps and filter materials, comb and return tube is included.

marine nanos

Marine Nanos – Legends

  • Ref; Product reference.
  • Measurement; External measurements of the urn, corresponding to length x width x height.
  • Mm; Thickness of the crystals in millimeters, when there are two thicknesses the first corresponds to the sides and the second to the base.
  • Liters; Liters of the urn, product of the multiplication of the measures.
  • Filtration Space; Space dedicated to filtration, placing a sponge, person, etc.
  • Skimmer space; Space dedicated to the skimmer.
  • R Pump Space; Space for placement of return pump.
  • Price; Price in € of the urn.
  • Lid runs; Price of the lid of the corresponding marine nanos aquarium, made with aluminum rails for glass, is sliding and glued on the inside of the aquarium without altering the measurements of the urn.
  • Frameworks; Price of the set of frames, lower and upper, are made of aluminum profiles, are more than just an angle, and have a thickness of 2 cm and a height of 4 cm, these are simply decorative and do not replace the reinforcements of the aquarium.
  • Shipment; Shipping price in mainland Spain (for shipping to the islands, Ceuta, Melilla consult).