The new alternative to your business, whether hairdresser, hotelier, pedicure and manicure specialist, beautician, etc. Increasingly widespread in Spain is a good solution to the crisis, given its low cost and high profitability.

The features are:

  • Aquariums of measure 50x60x50 made of tempered glass of 10 mm, integrated filtration in the back, back, and base in white, base to settle the aquarium correctly.
  • Pipes and valves are necessary for installation.
  • Power strip for connections inside.
  • White lacquered aluminum bench totally resistant to corrosion, seat upholstered in leatherette, visitable at the top for maintenance with total ease.
  • Blue LED lighting creates a better, more relaxed, and more aesthetic atmosphere.

Pump + heater + filtration kit for each urn:

  • Jager thermo heater of 150 w.
  • Return pump Eheim compact 1000.
  • Sun Cuv 107 UV sterilizing lamp.
  • Thermometer and masses for mechanical and biological filtration included.